Radiology -Barium enema findings !!

Ileocaecal TB and Incompetant ileocaecal valve
1.Pulled up caecum
2.Obtuse ileocaecal angle
3.Filling defect

Carcinoma Colon
1.Apple core deformity
2.Irregular filling defect

Ulcerative Colitis
1.Lead pipe appearance
2.Loss of haustrations

Crohn’s Disease
1.String sign of Kantor
2.Raspberry thorn ulcers

Colonic Polyps

1.Smooth irregular filling defects 

Hirschsprung Disease
1.Dilated proximal zone with narrow distal zone of coning

Diverticulosis of colon
1.Saw tooth appearance
2.Champagne glass sign

Ischemic Colitis
1.Thumb print appearance

1.Coiled spring appearance 

2.Claw sign

1.Bird beak sign
2.Ace of spades


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